Emerson, Einstein, & Feynman

The Unified Theory of Cosmic Plasma Physics is stalwart.

If one of those black holes is the sun, then I have:

*Confirmed Starspots are Holographic Black Holes*

*Solved Coronal Heating Problem*

*Unified Local Interstellar Cloud/CMEs/Flares with Nebulae/Novae/Pulsars*

*Solved Missing Pulsar Problem*

*Solved Final Parsec Problem*

*Proved Fermi Bubbles are Dark Matter*

*Axiomatized Dark Energy as a Coordinate Transformation*

*Solved Bulk Lorentz Factor Crisis*

An impressive list of achievements and quite a refreshing paradigm transition in astrophysics. The theory is even more sublime if the sun has a color superconducting neutron star core, since then not only do I satisfy Einstein’s conditions, but also Richard Feynman can be complacent.

Thus, I climb the Feynman Gauge Ladder from pulsars — quasars — blazars — magnetars to stand in harmonious concordance with my idols. When Parker Solar Probe reaches its 22nd orbit & the succeeding rounds of images reveal hot spots in the chromosphere — those are white holes, the natural complement to black holes as predicted by general relativity. Back & forth & back & forth I please Einstein & Feynman & Einstein & Feynman.

Emerson, Einsten, & Feynman — 3 best friends



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Eric Lee D'Aleo

Eric Lee D'Aleo

*Solved Coronal Heating Problem*Solved Final Parsec Problem*Solved Bulk Lorentz Factor Crisis*Fermi Bubbles are Dark Matter*Dark Energy is a Position Change*